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Armchair Treasure Hunts

Armchair Treasure Hunting began in 1979 when Kit Williams wrote a book called Masquerade. Written as a children's story in large picture book format the addition of a Treasure Hunt was designed to encourage the reader to examine every picture in fine detail in order to locate the hidden clues to the burial place of a "Golden Hare".

Since that day there have been over fifty books, booklets, scrolls, tapes, music CD's, computer CD's and Web based treasure hunts to keep even the most ardent Treasure Hunter occupied.

This section of Quest4Treasure is dedicated to these Treasure Hunts. From here you will be able to explore the hunts, new and old, their solutions and their authors.

Current Hunts

The Secret

The Dark Arks of the Covenant by Terry Lyndon

The Red Herring by Charles Cunningham

Past Hunts

Insect-Inside by Dillon Waugh

The Gold Leaf Quest

The Royal Forest of Dean Gold Oak Leaf is somewhere in the magical forest! Can you find it?

The Ultimate Quest by William Lynhope

The Ultimate Quest is the search for the Grail. The route to and location of the Grail Keeper is to be found in the pages of the book. The first person to correctly answer five questions will become the owner of a priceless replica of the Grail cup.

Buried Treasure Hunts

Publication Date Title Author Prize Publisher Status
1979 Masquerade Kit Williams Golden Hare Cape Solved
1984 Conundrum Don Shaw 12 * Garrard Jeweled Eggs Hamlyn  
1982 The Golden Key Don Shaw £50,000   Abandoned
1989 Helium Dream Dan James Golden Heart Amethyst Books  
  Charlie's Christmas Gift Dan James Silver Statue Private  
1982 The Piper of Dreams Terry Pitts-Fenby Golden Flute    
1982 The Secret        
1982 The Last Fairy Fred Hancock Golden Fairy and Wand    
1982 Rip Van Winkle        
1982 With Interest David Betts      
1982 The Longboat Treasure Hunt        
1982 Starquest       Abandoned
1982 The Golden Apple Tale       Unsolved
1983 Unicornis        
1984 Treasure - In Search of the Golden Horse Dr Krypton      
1985 The Golden Brain (Spitting Image)        
1985 The Golden Arrow        
1986 So you think you know all about Cheshire        
1986 With Interest - Revisited        
1987 The Lost Cross of Gold       Solved
1990 Treasure - In Search of Understanding        
1991 Lake District Hunt       Solved
1993 The Treasure Trail Keith Park     Abandoned
1993 To Search and Prosper Keith Park     Abandoned
  Sur la trace de la Chouette D'Or        
  Chasing Charlie        
  Find the Croc of Gold        
  Captain Kidd & the Missing Crown        

Hidden Treasure Hunts

Publication Date Title Author Prize Publisher Solution
1983 Spirit of the Stones John Worsley      
1994 Treasure Dan James £250,000 Studio Editions  

Postal treasure Hunts

Publication Date Title Author Prize Publisher Solution