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Welcome to Quest4Treasure

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Quest4treasure is a community created for Treasure Hunters and Puzzlers. Within these pages you will find three main areas of interest:

Armchair Treasure Hunting
Typified be the book "Masquerade" created by Kit Willams in 1979, Masquerade unleashed a mind boggling array of puzzles on an unsuspecting audience. Eventually leading to the discovery of a jewel encrusted hare made of solid gold three years later. Many books, tapes and compact disks followed, many of which you will be able to find details here.

Real Treasure Hunting
Pirates, Smugglers and armies heading into battle have, during history, lost, hidden and buried gold and treasure around the world. Featured within these pages are links to sites worldwide offering solutions, insights and background history to many of these treasure.

Everyone needs a break from the two sections above. The puzzle section caters for this need, engage in mind olympics with our very own puzzler makers.

All these topics are discussed in detail on our bulletin board.