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The Merlin Mystery
Can you find Merlin's wand? If you can, you'll be richly rewarded. The Merlin Mystery rekindles the fervour that swept readers of Masquerade in the 1980s by offering an intricately detailed, bejewelled wand and a substantial cash prize to the first person to solve the Alchemist's Spell. Lavishly illustrated with elaborate paintings and symbols, The Merlin Mystery wraps its intricate, MENSA-certified puzzle in a story of the great wizard Merlin and his lover, the water sprite Nimue, who fight a dark sorcerer in magical settings. From glittering caves to magic cottages, the Arthurian cast of characters, which includes an owl, a cat and a talking crystal ball, seek the Pendragon Alchemy. But they can't find it without putting all the clues together... that's where you come in! It's possible that this puzzle will be solved by some expert logician somewhere, but it's equally likely to be solved by a clever, persistent kid without adult blinders on. Either way, The Merlin Mystery has a distinct advantage over Masquerade: once you solve the puzzle, you mail in your answer rather than digging up the countryside. There's also a companion CD, with new-age Celtic music to get you in the mood for some serious deductive work.
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